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Actresses in a Nutshell: Catching up from where I left off in 2011

As the magnificent Meryl Streep may have appropriately said upon winning her recent Best Actress Oscar for The Iron Lady, I’M BACK!!!

Since I left the blogosphere last spring, I’ve truly come to the realization that I cut something essential out of my life, especially where my movie-watching is concerned.  I’ve continued faithfully with my Best Actress Challenge, and when I left off here with Jill Clayburgh in Starting Over, I was at #152 in my countdown.  Now, as April 2012 looms just over the horizon (tomorrow, actually), I am at #65 in the countdown!

As you can tell, I’ve kept pretty busy watching my Best Actress-nominated and -won films: renting videos from the library, programming my DVR monthly to catch Turner Classic Movie broadcasts, live streaming from Netflix, and perusing YouTube (yes, believe it or not – I have found some rare gems, thankfully, on YouTube, as annoying as it’s been to watch an entire movie in 10 minute increments).  I’ve regularly posted photos, sans commentary, of the films I have watched on my Facebook page, but there’s been an element of something missing: the pure joy of sharing with you – my handful of followers and readers out there with this blog – my honest thoughts about some of the terrific (and yes, occasionally bad) performances I’ve been viewing.

Catching up, individually, on the 90 or so films I have watched since I last left you is nigh-on impossible.  For the next several blogs, I am going to provide a ‘nutshell’ glimpse of each one of the films I have watched.  I am aiming to do this by decade.  Feel free to skip the decades/parts that will not interest you – though I do sincerely hope you are along for the full ride.  🙂

I have also revamped the blog to provide a fresh, new, and easier-to-navigate look with featured photos from the blogs on the home page.  What do you think?  I invite any and all feedback!

Thank you for your patience… and for welcoming me back.  Look for films I have watched from the 1920s-30s for my first catch-up blog – very soon!

You really should check out Meryl's winning performance. Click here to order THE IRON LADY from Amazon today!

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