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And the Oscar goes to…

Hello everyone!

After all this time – yes, indeed… I am starting a blog.

I had the most interesting catch-up chat with my buddy Joel yesterday evening.  He and I occasionally get together after long stretches of time to update one another on what’s been going on in our respective lives.

We went to a new restaurant in West Allis called Bunker’s, where we dined on yummy, fattening treats (Joel had a patty melt and I had a burger called “The Barnbuster” which included bacon, cheese, and a fried egg on top – yes, virtually a heart attack on a roll, as I am nothing if not excessive when it comes to food.  Hence, my extra pounds over the past year or so.  But, I digress…).  As usual, we talked about our things going on in our lives, leading into rehashing of past theatre involvement… and finally, as it always happens, the talk between us usually comes around to MOVIES.

Joel and I are huge movie aficionados.  And I mean HUGE.  Both of us (usually successfully) attempt to see all of the Academy Award-nominated films BEFORE the Oscar ceremony every year.  I myself can give you the top 5 winners if you present me with an arbitrary year, drop of the hat.  Some of you reading this blog are probably already well-acquainted with my yearly picks and predictions the week leading up to the ceremony (and probably wonder why I didn’t get my lazy butt in gear with the 2009 Oscars).

Joel had been telling me about this “project” he had in the works.  Given that one of his favorite races to watch every year is Supporting Actress, he is making it a personal goal to see each and every nominated and winning performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role since the category’s inception in 1936.  His plan is to watch the performances he has not already seen, which narrows it down somewhat for him – but the number of films he has yet to see totals a whopping 185!

I was fascinated by this idea!  It struck me that because I am such a keen follower of the Best Actress race, perhaps I could attempt the same with that category.  With the seed planted in my mind, I came home from dinner and went through the entire list of winners and nominees since the beginning of the Oscars.  Oh boy.  Much to my surprise, the total films/performances I have yet to see is 196!  YIKES!  And I thought I had seen a majority of them!

I will not be daunted, however.  I’m going to follow in Joel’s footsteps and see where it lands me.  There are a few films I am hesitant to see (The Exorcist and Aliens to name two in particular), but I will forge on!  I’m interested to see what I will discover on this journey.  I have no deadline, no time limit.  Rather, whenever I feel like watching a movie for fun, I will pick up a Best Actress winner/nominee when nothing else immediately comes to mind.

And – just to reiterate, I will not be watching those winning and nominated performances I have already seen – only those I have not seen.  I have set up this blog to track my progress and offer some comments on the films as I watch them.  If you’d like to see the list I started with (of the films I have and have not seen), perhaps I will post this soon.  Hmmmm… will I discover that a winning favorite of mine should NOT have won that year because someone else was more deserving?  Or will I watch all the nominees in a given year and still agree with the Academy’s choice?  I suppose we shall see.

Thanks to my friend Joel for inspiring me to take on this Oscar challenge.  I wish him much luck with his venture and look forward to discovering some great films with him (though I doubt he will get much out of Jacqueline Susann’s Once is Not Enough, starring the supporting actress-nominated Brenda Vaccaro…haha!).

Here goes!

I leave you tonight with 1953’s winning actress, the stunning Ms. Audrey Hepburn…


3 comments on “And the Oscar goes to…

  1. Jake
    April 18, 2010

    Will you be giving your review of the movies and the performances? You should also review the food you eat when you watch!

  2. Tom
    April 18, 2010

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Mark! Gorgeous photo of Audrey, btw.

    • darinsinatra
      April 25, 2010

      Thanks, Tom! I’m looking forward to working on this and have already been hard at work! 🙂

      ~ Mark

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